How to Remember your Dreams with Crystals

This is a challenge!

Do you remember your dreams? Do you pay attention to them and write them down? I'll share what I do and I get a lot of insight from my practice.

I recently found a notebook that was falling apart from use and age. It had been sitting in my drawer for years. I pulled it out and remembered my old habit of recording my dreams.

I used to practice what I thought of as an experiment. I'd place a crystal under my pillow, right where my head at at night, sleeping while resonating with my chosen stone. I set the intention and took action every morning to write down each dream, even is it was only a fragment.

Reading them after several years was startling because of the clear messages I saw. I saw my grandmother a year before she passed, she was in a nice house with my old dog, Dane, they both looked to be in the prime of their lives. Dane never liked my grandmother. She once visited me wearing a real fur coat and it freaked Dane out and we had to separate them but in the dream he was her protector. 

I also had many dreams where I fell and had a fear of stairs. This was well before I began falling for real. I developed an anemia so strong that I would collapse, I had a serious health problem and my dreams were precognitive. I could go on about the dreams. Some gave me messages, some predicted, others replayed and processed my days. So many different dreams.

I would record the date, the crystal and it was like a grand experiment. It was fun to re-read them and since then I've started again. So far I'm getting only fragments, but when I review the fragmented thoughts they are just weird. They seemed so normal when I wrote them.

My challenge to you is to try this! Crystals or not. I will say that using crystals was fun, like a grand experiment and I noticed that I was able to remember my dreams more when I used Ametrine.


This is Amethyst with Citrine running through it.

Amethyst amplifies the dreams and messages and Citrine helps you bring them back so you can remember (but do it before you get up and around in a notebook right beside your bed.  

This is a good start, even plain Amethyst (so easy to find)...

Who's willing to try this?

Crystal LoveKelly St Claire