How to Live Healthier Into Older Age

How many times have you sabotaged yourself with binge eating,  unplanned eating, meal planning laziness and overeating because of being:


Sad and depressed

lack of motivation (burnout)


angry (at yourself or someone else)

Dwelling on upsetting situations


Any number of things. Emotions, feelings, moods... 

Food is more than only sustenance. It can be social, represent family, memories and happiness, it brings pleasure, comfort, it is something to do when bored... Sometimes we mistake physical hunger for emotional hunger. It's complex.

Is this you? Do you find yourself caught up in that repeating cycle? 

It's not only about looking good in a bikini (!!) It's your health!

                     Live healthier longer.

You don't have to succumb to the health issues we assume we'll suffer from as we age. We can maintain our beauty, confidence, charisma and health!

voiding those ailments you believe are inevitable as you age. NOT true! My parents are in their mid 70's and they run daily. My Mom even goes to Orange Theory!! They are impeccable about nutrition and also are able to enjoy treats. It's a balance and a mindset. 


 There is a depth to their lives, a connection to something larger. This is what I teach, HOW to reach this point. 

It's about self-care, self-love, learning how you connect with yourself, being your own best friend, connecting with others who see you, the other things in life that sustain you and bring you pleasure. 

You can shift this pattern, NO DEPRIVATION. Easy to make meals (and quick)

Last night was night #1 of our Emotional Eating Circle. It starts by accepting where you are and then knowing where you want to be. 

Ask yourself these questions (and write them in a journal-pen to paper.)

1- Where are you now?

2-Where do you want to be?

3- What are the benefits of staying the same as you are?

4-What are the benefits of being where you want to be?

5- What are you willing to so?

Set your GPS to where you want to be. You can't set it up until you're clear on where you are. It can be scary to look at that. What are the benefits of not changing? (for me it was not having to take action, laziness and avoiding hard work). Once I became aware of that there was a shift! 

I urge you to consider that one carefully.

Loads of love to you!

To your health!!