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Crystals and the Female Reproductive System

Crystals and gemstones have a unique, specific frequency created by the organization of the crystal molecules within their chemical structure. Each atom vibrates at a specific rate of speed, producing remedial power. The energy released by a healing crystal depends on the internal frequency of the atoms of the crystal. The body’s electromagnetic field also changes when crystals or gemstones are brought closer it, affecting the organs.

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How To Use Gem Elixirs To Feel Beautiful

Gem Elixirs are special liquids that have been infused with a crystals specific vibratory rate and properties.

They are along the lines of flower essences or homeopathy which is using the energetic imprint of the material to magnify it’s energetic imprint and all of the above work with the energy body which is where physical ailments first enter and have potential to reach the physical body.

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How to Remember your Dreams with Crystals

Do you remember your dreams? Do you pay attention to them and write them down? I'll share what I do and I get a lot of insight from my practice.

I recently found a notebook that was falling apart from use and age. It had been sitting in my drawer for years. I pulled it out and remembered my old habit of recording my dreams.

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