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When Your Body betrays You-how to get through a health crisis.

I’m having a health crisis. It’s scary and I am having trouble figuring out exactly what’s happening. In the past I took my health for granted as I floated through life with no serious health concerns.

I won’t go into all of the dirty details except to say that i no longer take simple things like the ability to walk for granted. Energy, mobility and flexibility are a challenge for me at the moment. I’m still teaching and woking with others as well as my personal healing practice. Through this I am learning a few things that I want to pass on.

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Why You May Not Be Losing Weight

For some people, losing weight can be a lifelong struggle. One by one, they try every fad diet and weight loss treatment but with little to no success. It is discouraging when they are unable to lose weight. They may even keep gaining weight no matter what diet or weight loss products they try.

Popular culture presents weight loss as simply a matter of restricting the food you eat. However, this is not a realistic vision for millions of people struggling to lose weight.

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