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Morning Ritual Ideas

How do you start your day? If you’ve been trying to get up earlier so you can attain greater focus during your day, then you probably have heard that one of the key parts of getting there is through having a solid morning ritual. When you do a morning ritual, you’re more likely to have quiet reflective time to yourself. The next few paragraphs will be sharing a few ways for you to practice self-care in the morning.

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When you're having an emotional breakdown

Not all of life’s lessons are “pretty,” of course, we all know that. They come disguised as tough ongoing relationships, painful breakups, humiliations and shame, “mistakes” and I could go on.

There are so many ways in which the light of enlightenment is switched on, so many ways to wake up. Yes, pain as a part of the process, but are we supposed to find some sort of pleasure in all of that pain?

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Homemade Clay Masks Using Natural Ingredients

In terms of beauty trends, masks have always been popular, but one thing that has changed is the type of mask. Cucumber masks you peel off to reveal soft, smooth skin used to be the top trend, but now it is all about the clay masks you rinse off. Here are some homemade clay masks you can make using all natural ingredients.

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How To Use Gem Elixirs To Feel Beautiful

Gem Elixirs are special liquids that have been infused with a crystals specific vibratory rate and properties.

They are along the lines of flower essences or homeopathy which is using the energetic imprint of the material to magnify it’s energetic imprint and all of the above work with the energy body which is where physical ailments first enter and have potential to reach the physical body.

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How to have Beautiful/Youthful Skin (non-toxic skincare)

Simple Fact:  Your skin is your largest organ. It is our protective covering and our first line of defense to fight illness and disease. It is also a passageway to our bloodstream. That being said, what you apply topically on your skin, as well as what you eat, will affect the overall health & appearance of your skin.

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How to Be A Kitchen Witch

Feeding yourself and your family can be more than just an obligation. It can be more than the physical mixing of the ingredients and the nutrition profile. Those things are important and creating balanced meals will nurture your physical bodies. Food will also nourish your soul, and you can add so much to the meals you create. How?

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How to Live Healthier Into Older Age

You don't have to succumb to the health issues we assume we'll suffer from as we age. We can maintain our beauty, confidence, charisma and health!

voiding those ailments you believe are inevitable as you age. NOT true! My parents are in their mid 70's and they run daily. My Mom even goes to Orange Theory!! They are impeccable about nutrition and also are able to enjoy treats. It's a balance and a mindset. 

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Is caring about your beauty superficial?

I have one question: How can you be a positive force for change and touch lives if you’re all caught up in feeling “ugly” and not able to walk upright and confident?

I know when I have felt this way and expressed it out loud I have been told everything from “It’s the inner that matters, it doesn’t matter how you are on the outside.” to “you are not ugly, that is silly!” or, “You are not ugly, you are beautiful!” The latter being the nicer thing. Each statement has one thing in common.

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