Do you say grace or express appreciation for your food? Do you experience your food as sacred? Do you connect your meal times with social time with your family or friends?

How are you connected with the food you take into your body? Do you eat standing up as you do other things? Do you eat while you are both in front of the TV as well as checking your phone? Have you ever eaten while you were arguing? Do you throw a frozen meal into the microwave?

Have you been there? it’s easy to go unconscious with your food and eating. I’ve noticed that nurturing more of a connection with what goes into your body helps not only physically, but emotionally in thoughts and confidence. Creating yummy and nourishing dishes, being a kitchen alchemist, a kitchen witch and partnering with Mother nature and her beautiful jewels nurture health in all ways.

One of the things I have started doing is setting up my ingredients in an organized and pretty way as I begin the cooking process. Mise en Place is a French phrase which means “putting everything in place.” It’s about the setup and display of ingredients before the process of cooking. It means the organizing and arranging of the ingredients. All of the things you will require for the preparation of your meal. To me, it is a part of the beauty of cooking. Yes, it can feel like you’re on the Cooking Network demonstrating your culinary talents.  That is a way to nourish yourself and it’s also easier to prepare your meals because everything is within reach and you don’t have to go hunting for spices in a hurry (adding stress.)

It’s definitely something to try. It’s Summer in my area and a great time to collect and embrace Mother Earth’s bounty! Fruits and veggies a-plenty! Even if it’s Winter for you, there are roots, greens and other seasonal gifts from the Earth.


Food it something to enjoy. It’s possible to live in a happy and healthy relationship with food. No restrictions and the comfort in realizing it’s OK to take pleasure in everything to do with your nourishment. It’s a mindset change. Away from ‘dieting.’ Food is an art.

My challenge to you is to change your relationship with food. Eat seasonally, savor each bite, throw out the guilt. It’s possible to crave the healthy fruits of the Earth! It’s possible to WANT the things that contribute to your health and well-being. Try it and send me a message with your experience!