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    Kelly St Claire

    Hi, and thank you for stopping by! I work with all genders around body shame and disordered/emotional eating. I work with people who are sick of hiding their shine and ready to make peace with themselves and food.

    I’ve been through it myself, I watched life blossom as I went from a depressed woman experiencing an abusive relationship with food and my own body, blossom into a socially comfortable, healthy, confident at any size, and even more successful in my relationships and career.

    When I see others going through that familiar battle with body and food, I feel it deeply and I want to help empower and teach about a healthy lifestyle.

    I’m full of solutions for the empathic soul who feels everything deeply. That can be a challenge, let me help you. I have my training and certifications as a Certified Crystal Healer as well as a Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

    Read on for more about my story…

    I blog about all things health, crystals and wellness designed to inspire and inform you along your journey.

    I have programs, group coaching with community aspect and transformative programs for you if you’re drawn to work with me. Please look around and enjoy. I’m here for you 100%.

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    Are you ready to feel fabulous again?

    • Do you look in the mirror and always judge yourself?

    • Are you sick and tired of living on a diet?

    • Is everything changing and it’s unsettling?

    • Do you experience shame about your body?

    • Are you holding on to stubborn weight?

    • Do you have a lack of happiness in your life because you are constantly judging yourself?

    • Are you feeling alone and desire a community of like-minded people?

    You’re in the right place if:

    Change is happening in your life and you need help navigating.

    Nothing’s working.

    You’re ready for a different approach.

    You feel everything, so deeply it hurts.

    Diets and health programs aren’t working.

    You want to be confident about your body.

    • Would you like help?

    • Are you ready to love your body?

    • Are you ready to improve your relationship with food?

    • Are you ready to learn about crystals for health and personal development?

    • Are you ready to be healthy?

    • Are you ready to feel emotionally balanced?

    • Isn’t it time you felt fabulous again?

    I have your reset button waiting!

    feel healthy, joy, high vibe

    I’ve been there, sister! I went through a health crisis that was brought on through living a painful life of chronic stress. I had everything from relationship turmoil, financial chaos and uncertainty, problems at work and to top it off, I had excess weight from stress eating!

    Emotional coping skills like eating, shopping, “stressing out” let to high anxiety, feeling unattractive, depression and yes, I ended up in the doctor’s office more times than I want to admit.

    I got to the point where everything was a trigger, nothing worked out in any area of my life.

    Did changing my health practices help? Well, yes, but not totally. There was a huge missing puzzle piece. I discovered the reason why changing diet alone will not help you out of these tough health crisis’.

    It wasn’t until I addressed myself as a WHOLE (from the physical body to the energetic layers of the body and even deep soul work) that I became an integrated, whole being. I discovered many tools such as sound and crystals to balance the chakras and beyond!

    It’s imperative that you address EVERYthing if you want to turn it around, and you can. If I did, anyone can.

    I will show you the exact steps I took to turn my life around. I’ll show you the reason changing your diet alone won’t work.

    Physical health & wellness alongside Crystal & Vibrational Therapy is how we roll.

    I will show you how to live:

    A life you love, a life that works.


    Kitchen Enchantress

    Food is ART and it is MAGICAL

    Balance your mood, maintain your health, including a healthy weight, ward off the health issues that we assume will come with age. Add a pinch of Magic.

    It's not only the nutrients and how many carbs or calories we're consuming, it's the beauty of food, the sensuality of eating and how to craft healthy meals in fun ways. 

    Cooking is not only about following a recipe and providing for the physical body, it feeds us in other ways. Cooking for yourself is an act of self care, cooking for others is the ultimate act of nurturance and love. 

    If you learn how to cook with love and abandon- you're a food artist, nurturer, creator, inventor and enchantress!

    Think of your wooden spoon as a magic cooking wand, put consciousness and a sprinkle of mindfulness into your cooking.

    Enjoy, explore, try new foods. Be inspired. Nourish the whole. Enchant yourself and your cup will runneth over.

    Chakras and mindset

    Nourish your BODY, SPIRIT & SOUL

    You can change anything!

    You can cook up a magical life by paying attention to both the seen and unseen aspects of your health.

    Body is nourished by healthful practices, rituals, movement, nutrition, community, relationships and love.  

    Our bodies house our spirit, physical health and vitality as well as mental/emotional well being. The body is more than what you can touch and see.

    Explore all aspects of health and wellness from the physical body to the “spirit”/energetic bodies and how acknowledging ALL of your parts helps you become a change-maker in your own life.

    As you grow through each year you’ll find ways to “power up” your mood and metabolism, create the body of your dreams, find peace and passion as you navigate your life.



    Crystal beauty & love

    What do CRYSTALS have to do with anything?

    Crystals and stones/minerals emit frequencies that don’t vary significantly. They are stable transmitters, and geometrically perfect.

    When they are placed within out close environment, we resonate with their perfect, strong vibration. 

    We are easily knocked into entropy (all out of whack) by the stresses of everyday life.

    Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems are constantly tuning into our environment.

    I don’t know about you, but when I look around at the general environment, I can’t help but notice how chaotic it can seem.

    Modern life holds many stresses and challenges that can affect our health and well being.

    Crystal healing adds magical beauty to the art of health. 

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    Crystal Love

    Health & Wellness

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    Spirit & Beauty

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    Health, Crystals, Nutrition, Grace, and Positive Vibes