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How I help you change your life

I teach and inspire about:




weight loss (release)

emotional eating

Creative/artistic expression for health


mental health & wellness

cooking healthy, artful meals

meal planning

and how to find nutritional peace.

Everything about having a healthy happy life. 


I offer:

Private Coaching

'Small Group' Coaching

online programs

Couple and family Sessions

Online support/Video Sessions

Home Visits

Classes and Workshop- 


Where do you want to be?


Free 20-minute Goal-Setting Consultation Call

If you want to make any kind of change, you need to start where you are. Share your goals with me, let's talk all about what you want, how you want to feel. Let's hop on the phone to see if we're a good fit to work together.

Where are you in the process?

Where would you like to be?

Are there goals you keep setting but never reach?

How do you feel about your body?

Would you like some help?

Like I said before, I love helping you reach your goals, release the pain and anguish of emotional eating. Feel beautiful and make it last. If you're even feeling a little bit hopeless- if you've abandoned your goals- if you feel like giving up/giving in, let's talk it out. 

Send me a message with the biggest challenge you have with health (weight, body image, disordered eating, destructive health habits) and ONE change you'd like to make, and let's begin a solid plan.

We can jump on the phone, video chat or even email if that's your preference for a complimentary 20 minute talk.