Find BEAUTY, HEALTH & PEACE with your Body

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I'm obsessed with helping you feel beautiful, lose weight and making your life work! 

I'm just as passionate about helping you find nutritional peace. What would life be like if you never worried about what you ate?

Love your body, love your food and learn how to take charge of your health AND your life. 

How I help you change your life

I teach and inspire about:




weight loss (release)


cooking healthy meals

meal planning

and how to find nutritional peace.

Everything about having a healthy happy life. 


I offer:

Private Coaching

'Small Group Coaching

Couple and family Sessions

Online support/Video Sessions

Home Visits

Classes and Workshops (online or local)


Where do you want to be?


Free 30-minute Goal-Setting Consultation Call

If you want to make any kind of change, you need to start where you are. Share your goals with me, let's talk all about what you want, how you want to feel. Let's hop on the phone or meet in person. 

Where are you in the process?

Where would you like to be?

Are there goals you keep setting but never reach?

How do you feel about your body?

Would you like some help?

Like I said before, I'm obsessed with helping you reach your goals, feel beautiful and make it last. If you're even feeling a little bit hopeless and if you've abandoned goals and felt hopeless I want to help you see your way through. 

Here's another question, may seem a little weird, but, how do you feel naked? Do you rush into your clothes and avoid mirrors? I have SO been there! Pulling myself out of that way of feeling in my body seemed hard, but I learned how to pull myself out of the hole of hopelessness and I want to hear all about you. 

Send me a message with the biggest challenge you have with health (weight, body image, disordered eating, destructive health habits) and ONE change you'd like to make, and let's make a solid plan.

We can jump on the phone, video chat or even email if that's your preference. 

I can help you find something that "clicks."



Let me stop by for a HOME VISIT and help you learn what to look for when deciding the things to keep and the things to get rid of in your pantry?

Let’s get rid of the foods that are sabotaging your health!


There will also be a kitchen 'walk through' and I'll make recommendations about the tools and equipment you need and what's just taking up space (like that bread machine you never use.)

First, we'll have a sit down consultation and we'll discuss your food preferences so we can make a realistic plan that works in your life.


I can help you stock a pantry full of healthy, wholesome foods and the best ingredients to use in your favorite recipes.Pantry Detox & Kitchen Makeover.



Comes with a consultation to help you create “go-to” meals so healthy eating is easy and you’re not as tempted to reach for frozen meals. Create your own convenience foods.


What to expect:


1~First we sit down for a quick consultation laying out the foods/meals you love and don’t want to give up. It’s a brainstorm session, so before I come by it’s helpful if you think about these things.


2~We’ll raid your pantry and fridge and choose what to keep, what to give to the Food Bank, and how to decipher food labels and what to consider when choosing produce.


3~We’ll create a pantry list and I’ll help you find the best way to organize your pantry and even tips on planning meals so you save money at the grocery store.


4~You’ll have the opportunity for a Grocery Shopping Tour at 20% off of the regular price.






If you're ready to get started with PRIVATE COACHING, book your first session here. 

It's a 75 minute comprehensive look at where you are. We'll examine your health, lifestyle and diet. This is step one. We'll dig in and get started, you'll get action steps and homework tailored to you. Let's make a plan and make it happen. 

Please fill out APPLICATION online at least 24 hours before your appointment. 150.

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