One to One Support


Are you ready to level up? I offer private coaching- customized to your needs.

You can book a single session or purchase a package.


One session is a starting point I have packages of 3, 5 and 8 sessions you can also apply for if you're ready to GAIN CONTROL over food, find your beauty and feel great about yourself, or are just sick and tired of feeling uncomfortable in your body, old or frumpy. The packages come at a savings. Coupon code: 20FORME for 20% from all packages. 




You'll pay and book your first appointment and then I'll send you code to book your remaining appointments (included in initial price.)


“Kelly’s advice and expertise is always spot on. Her programs go above and beyond expectations. She is very knowledgeable and has amazing “bedside manner”. I would recommend her to everyone! -H. A.

“am so delighted for the opportunity to review Kelly! I am much more positive, energetic, and healthy since I began working with her last fall. Finding a healthy way of eating that I could maintain was a bit of a trouble-shooting process. Kelly walked me through it with both patience and enthusiasm. Several diet programs that seem to work for other people did not work for me. When I had a question she would respond very quickly and we worked at a pace that was never overwhelming- allowing me to adjust to one change at a time. I am 100% confident that my results will last. Making healthy food choices has become almost effortless. You deserve a personal wellness coach and Kelly is very likely a great fit for you like she was for me. My only regret was not realizing how important this was 10 years ago. Thanks Kelly! -J.K.