Is this you?

* You STRUGGLE with negative thoughts about yourself?

* Do You HIDe or feel self-conscious when around others?

* Is there fear that you'll fail? You've set so many goals and failed each one.

Here you are at your heaviest, feeling hopeless.

You will lose the weight!! Learn the secrets to start WANTING to make the changes, instead of feeling like it'll be a chore. No more icky food that you force yourself to eat.


Weight loss is step #1!

There are so many other ways to improve your life. What you eat is a huge part of it, and there are also other things to address so that you succeed! 

Lasting success!

Do you tend to get down on yourself? Criticize yourself? Feel moody and depressed. 

You may have you even gotten some sort of diagnosis like depression or even more challenging things Do you experience changes in mood that affect you negatively? Do you deal with anxiety? Depression? Are you feeling overwhelmed?  I'm not here to challenge any medical advice given to you by healthcare professionals., but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to help you find balance.

Those things WILL affect your weight and health! 

I will help you release energy blocks; there are many methods. I've been through it myself through my own diagnosis.


Find effective and positive ways to lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle, free from guilt and shame.

There's no need to hate or loathe your body (or any part of yourself) in order to adopt healthy habits, lose weight, or improve yourself in any way! It doesn't have to be unpleasant or hard. 

Join the Weight Loss 101 Circle- a body positive approach

This fun, deep, informative group will help you discover what's behind your habits, why you're carrying excess weight, and experiencing health issues/pain.

* PRACTICAL strategies

* Eating for health

* Recipe ideas

* Support

 * Accountability

 * Insight into the inner patterns that block and sabotage your efforts to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.


Together we will:

* Lose weight

* Become confident

* Have more energy

* Improve your digestion

* Stop destructive emotional eating

* Release harmful health and eating habits

I am also excited to announce the MEAL CLUB, an exclusive membership opportunity for people who want guidance, ideas, and a plan for healthy eating.

As a part of this CIRCLE, you'll have special access to the MEAL CLUB.


 With the MEAL CLUB you'll have tools like:

* Access to all meetings and events

* 4 NEW weeks of meals each month 

* A new complete recipe guide each month

*  Suggested menu (takes the thought process out of it-done for you)

* Vegan OR Omnivore

* Dairy and Gluten Free

* Weekly shopping lists

* Pantry list/ideas

* meal ideas and inspiration

* Action steps and action sheets 

* Worksheets

* Assignments to help you take action

*Private, exclusive, members only Facebook for ongoing support and connection

* Weekly food journal

* Monthly HEALTH & WEIGHT LOSS Mastermind call 

* Bonus Guides

* Weekly Q&A Livestream

* How-to videos

* Fun Creative expression

* Access to exclusive coaching 

* Facebook office hours

* Mini-classes on lifestyle/wellness and weight loss mindset 

* Monday - Friday Customer support 

* '911' mini-coaching calls with success partners for support during challenging moments

*Quarterly private coaching calls (VIP membership only)

*Giveaways, prizes and special discounts



It is my MISSION to help you find your way through these issues because I used to (and sometimes still) suffer from these things, but know ways to get back on track without gaining 20 pounds or hiding behind frumpy clothes and letting myself go.

It was at the point where I actually hated and avoided looking at my body that I made a decision for change. There are far too many things in life that are uncontrollable, but pain and hopelessness should never be in control of anyone's life!



Let me share my story.

I believe that your potential to change is made possible through hitting a low, through a trauma, the proverbial "rock bottom." There is something to that. 

All my life I've suffered with depression, anxiety, and emotional eating which led to fluctuating weight. After one particularly hard year (Fall and Winter), I needed my Spring clothes. I retrieved them and sorted through the ones I wanted to wear that year. I tried them on and not one thing fit me, not even my "fat clothes!!" 

Not even that black tent dress I used to hide in. Not even the stretched out leggings that used to fall down. Nothing. 

I was forced to face myself. I had hidden for so long I forgot who I was. My poor, neglected, hated body let itself go. I couldn't even find an outfit in my usual shops.

I had been hiding.

It felt so overwhelming to fight anymore that I actually gave up. I accepted that was the new me. I figured I'd just go plus size and find larger sizes at Department stores.


I found a supportive coach who helped me love my body and enjoy a healthy diet consistently without giving up. I found group support with woman on similar journeys as I was on. These things were the reason I succeeded. I learned, practiced, transformed my life and then paid it forward by helping others with similar struggles. 


I now have a unique approach to depressive times, the blues, emotional eating and living a healthy life. My approach has helped many people reach a healthy set point in weight and to manage life's fluctuations. They don't have to be huge. You won't have to buy a new wardrobe every new season.  


I dropped all of the weight.

There's always a way back on to the path, it's normal to fluctuate BUT, it doesn't have to derail you, physically or emotionally.

You're in the right place if you want to make permanent sustainable change.


Join Weight Loss 101-A Body Positive Approach


Weight Loss 101 is a deep well of group support. 

Wee meet in person or virtually twice a month.

On the 2nd Thursday of every month we'll share and solve our challenges, you'll learn new things, there will be a-ha moments, homework, worksheets, recipes, insights. 

On the 4th Thursday of every month we will share, you'll get personal support, have your questions answered, measure your progress, share, celebrate. Scale AND non-scale victories. You've GOT this!!!

January 25th is the Grand Opening in Richmond VA.

February 8th- Emotional Eating

February 22nd- Emotional Eating

March 8th- TBA

March 15th- TBA

We'll meet at:

Artworks LLC at 320 Hull St, Richmond, Va 23224.

Lose weight and  find self confidence!

Feel GREAT in your clothes!

Deal with your strong emotions

Stress less

Even out your Moods

Have More Energy

Sleep Better

Release from self loathing and love Yourself Soooo Much!


Learn to eat the right diet to end the constant hunger and cravings

Learn to manage your stress to avoid stress eating

Learn to understand your triggers and avoid overeating

Detox from sugar and crush the sugar cravings

Establish a healthy routine that fits your life

End feeling overwhelmed-



With premium membership you will:

*Access to all meetings and events

*Each month you'll get 4 weeks of brand new seasonal meals 

*Complete recipe guide-new each month 

*Options for both Omnivores and Vegans

*Dairy and Gluten Free

*Suggested menu (takes the thought process out of it-done for you)

*Food Journal

*Shopping list to make life simple

*Private, exclusive, members only Facebook for ongoing support and connection

*Ideas and Inspiration


*Action steps

*Creative expression

*Quarterly private coaching calls (VIP membership only)

*Quarterly Mastermind call (VIP membership only)

*911 mini-coaching calls as available-first come first served (VIP membership only)

*Periodic live group check-ins in the group for Q&A

*Bonus Guides

*Group challenges

*Giveaways, prizes and special discounts

There are several levels of membership that will include private coaching, check with me to find the perfect plan for you. 





You can belong, let us embrace you in our loving supportive community

If you play along, you WILL release the weight. Lose weight in a body positive way.

 LOVE yourself.

I made this affordable so it would be available to more people. I recommend 3 month minimum commitment,  because you want results, don't you? One month won't be as effective as making a commitment for a quarter. It takes at least that long to form a habit.

I recommend staying longer. This is a community that is here for you. I am here for you.

There are many benefits to being a part of this tribe.


Once you purchase you will be receive an email with all of the pertinent links to join the group

The meal plans are loaded in the group for you to download on the 1st of each month, as well as all f the other materials.

This includes the local people. If you're not a member of Facebook contact me and we'll work it out. 

We meet locally on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at Artworks 320 Hull St Richmond, Va 23224

If you're not local you can still join.

I'll be going live on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month. Show up and interact, connect, ask questions. You'll receive ALL of the benefits ;listed above!

These will be recorded and available in the group. 





A Health and Wellness coach educates and guides you in different areas of your health. The process facilitates behavior change in a healthy and sustainable way through challenges, connection, education, accountability, goals and encouragement. 


I am a Holistic Wellness Practitioner graduate through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA). Certified Life and Wellness Coach. Licensed Cosmetologist and Beauty Stylist. Certified Crystal Healer. I've had many years of study and experience working with people through Coaching, Beauty and Vibrational Healing.

My focus and specialty is helping women find Health and Beauty in their lives by navigating through the challenging times with grace. 

Losing weight and keeping it off

Understanding and releasing emotional eating 


You want to lose weight and stop sabotaging your body (and life). You are ready for sustainable change that doesn't include guilt or shame.  


I take a unique approach to making changes, with good results. This group approaches weight loss without body shame. This group membership provides you with everything you need, from the recipes and meals to the personal and emotional support. 

In addition to all of that, you'll create your own Manifesto of perfect health and have guidance and support in upholding it (who you are.)


My calling is to help you through these things and help you find power and peace.