“I am so delighted for the opportunity to review Kelly!  I am much more positive, energetic, and healthy since I began working with her last fall.  Finding a healthy way of eating that I could maintain was a bit of a trouble-shooting process. Kelly walked me through it with both patience and enthusiasm.  Several diet programs that seem to work for other people did not work for me. When I had a question she would respond very quickly and we worked at a pace that was never overwhelming- allowing me to adjust to one change at a time.  I am 100% confident that my results will last. Making healthy food choices has become almost effortless. You deserve a personal wellness coach and Kelly is very likely a great fit for you like she was for me. My only regret was not realizing how important this was 10 years ago.  Thanks Kelly!”

Joy K


“Kelly is such a gifted healer. I recommend her for crystal healings, but also her spot on tarot readings. She is incredibly intuitive, which makes for a wonderful healing session. When I initially came to her for a crystal healing, I was out of sorts, ungrounded, and feeling very ill and emotional. After ten minutes with the crystals being carefully placed on each of my chakras I felt instant relief. Just imagine what a full hour could do! After our session I felt completely revitalized and grounded. It provided me with a certain type of relief that people wish for. I recommend Kelly to anyone and everyone. She is so talented in everything she does, and takes such kind care and consideration of her clients. I am so thankful for her, and her crystal healings!”

-Alexis M.

Kelly is incredibly intuitive! She knows how to guide you through an exploratory process to help you discover important aspects of yourself. This is key to moving forward with whatever it is that you would like to see happen. She led me through some simple steps which helped me find clarity and take action. It was very effective. I am thrilled to work with Kelly on any project! I know her wisdom will help lead to good things!!!
— Beth P.
I knew very little of the effects of Crystal Healing. So naturally I was very excited but nervous unsure if the process would work for me.
Kelly’s level of professionalism and positive attitude quickly puts you at ease.
She thoroughly explained everything beforehand. We reviewed areas in my life through a series of questions.
I felt this to be a way to express any concerns , issues past and present I was dealing with.
The session was very relaxing, taking you to another level. I awoke very peaceful.
We then spoke of the differences between the balanced versus unbalanced. Explaining the reasons she changed certain crystals .
She wrote a detailed note for her records . Than offering ideas I could practice on my own and why this would help .
Since my session I have noticed a level of a clearer thought process and awareness within myself and towards others.
I plan to follow up with more sessions.
— B. Owen
It’s been exactly one week since I had my first Crystal Healing session with Kelly. Almost 40 years of running and competitive volleyball left me with chronic issues along the left side of my body — discomfort in the hip, lower back pain from degenerative disc disease, lingering effects from knee surgery, and a bone spur and achilles tendonitis on my heel. All these areas were immediately improved within one day, and remain so today. The hip pain has subsided substantially during my daily walks, and the lower back pain has lessened. For the first time in over 3 years, my knee feels solid and doesn’t hurt or feel unstable when I climb stairs! And the bone spur has improved to the point where I don’t have to wear the brace as often and the heel at times feels pretty normal for almost the first time in over 20 months! I feel this was great progress for an initial session, and I look forward to future visits with Kelly!

— James P.

“I absolutely LOVED my experience with Kelly. She did a crystal healing session with me and my friend and it was a wonderful experience. I felt so at peace afterwards and really learned a lot about crystals and their healing properties. I highly recommend!”

K - Richmond, VA.

I had my first crystal healing session ever with Kelly yesterday. What an amazing experience! Kelly is extremely intuitive and informative. She walked me through the whole process and took the time needed to get to know me and my current issues that needed to be addressed. She explained all of the details and educated me on certain practices that I could implement to help and also informed me on which crystals would help me at this current time. For the first time in months, today I was able to do my 3 mile walk and NOT feel pressure or pain in my left hip! I highly recommend Kelly and I certainly look forward to future sessions with her!
— Wendy F.