Kelly St Claire offers health coaching-

Love Your Body- Lose the Weight

Certified Holistic Wellness Practitioner 

Certified Crystal Healer

Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach


Would you like to lose weight? Change is not nearly as hard as most of us think. Learn to LOVE and prepare colorful, nutrient-dense foods quickly and easily. Lose weight without trying every new diet that comes onto the market. Find solutions that work for you and love the food you eat, give your body the building blocks it needs. Find nutritional balance and peace with food and your body has much better ability to bring itself into balance.  whether it’s your weight or and number of health concerns. Stay away from ‘dead’ foods, choose vibrant/healthy foods. You can turn things around through conscious change. I will help, set up a FREE call with me.


body love

Diet is pivotal, but the way you feel about yourself, BODY-LOVE, your confidence and the lifestyle choices you make, are just as important. Loving your body enough that you look forward to each day is the secret sauce to success! Be body positive! Nurture your relationship with yourself and your body. Live life, don't hide! Find a social outlet, intimacy, play, fun, and begin to feel comfortable in your clothes. Cherish your succulent body, no matter the size. Sure, there may be changes you wish to make, but there is no real change if you resist who you are now. Start where you are. I will help you through  and feel good in your body and reach your perfect weight. Set up a FREE call with me.



What’s the true secret to LASTing weight loss and a life that works? It’s the thoughts running in your background, your frequency. Joy is the highest frequency, LOVE is up there too! Fear and shame are destructive. They will cause you to sabotage everything. The more you criticize and “hate” parts of your body, the less likely you’ll be to release excess weight and make permanent changes. Each of the organ systems in your body have a frequency, along with each food you put in your body, along with colors and emotions. Minding your nutrition and exercise has no lasting effect without paying attention to these energies. I will help. Set up a FREE call with me.