How to Be A Kitchen Witch

You can affect the world through your cooking. You can make magic, weave spells, all through food.


There is much more to nutrition, eating and wellness than just the physical parts you can see, there is an entire Universe animating the foods.

Feeding yourself and your family can be more than just an obligation. It can be more than the physical mixing of the ingredients and the nutrition profile. Those things are important and creating balanced meals will nurture your physical bodies. Food will also nourish your soul, and you can add so much to the meals you create. How?

Here are 6 quick and easy steps to adding magic to your meals:



This is the most important part. Have a plan...  Setting an intention is step #1 to being a food alchemist and adding that special 'something' to the food you serve.

It can be: Love, togetherness, community, maybe you want to spread love, romance, strength, nourishment, healing... there are endless possibilities.


Deep breathing to clear the mind. With your breath take in light and focus on the qualities and intentions you want to add to the meal, breathe out the worries, resentments and negativity.

Clean the cooking space/ make counter spray with essential oils (recipe below.) Put on some music that inspires you or creates a mood in sync with your intention. Anticipate magic!!


You can have a dedicated apron to wear when you're creating meals, or it can be anything special like a certain shirt. I like the apron though, it represents meal-making. Make is a part of your pre-cooking ritual. It's your sacred priestess (or priest) robe!


This is where you focus on your intention, mix foods, mingle flavors. Your feelings matter, so cook with love/care and an open heart. Actually focus on your heart area while you're chopping, slicing, peeling, stirring. If you're feeling negative, rushed or angry then take a few deep breaths and fill your body with light, love and awareness Come back to your intention. If the difficult feelings are strong and hard to shake then maybe you can take a break and come back later.


Speak words of gratitude. Super important! Think of the origin of the foods you're eating. Think of the soil they grew in, the farmers who harvested them, the market you bought them from. Fill up with gratitude. be thankful for their contribution to your life... from the life they bring to the enjoyment of their flavors.


the meal with even more appreciation. In addition to your "grace" practice staying in a perpetual state of appreciation. Eat mindfully, enjoying each bite and savoring each minute. Socialize. part of the routines of the longest living people (read The Blue Zones.) They ate plant heavy meals and socializing is a huge part of their lives. Meals shouldn't be a place of unrest, arguments and stress. Let go of complaints, politics, "hot" topics and any unpleasant talk. Save it for another time. "Table" it for another time.

Yes, you can be a Kitchen Witch! It's not about any religion. it's all about creating a space for miracles to happen. Creating a sacred environment, call in the Divine and use your will to bring something special to your mealtimes.


3 c water. (distilled)

1/4 c white vinegar.

1 tsp unscented dishwashing liquid.

15 drops of Thyme essential oil

25 drops Lemon essential oil

Mix all ingredients in a quart sized spray bottle and shake well. Spray on counters to clean and purify.